So the other day I was talking to my co-worker about the fact that people’s actions, the way of speaking, the way of dress, the way to treat others, and the way to worship God confirms their faith for faith without deeds is dead. The Muslims, Buddhist, Jews, etc follow their own book of faith and the example of the founders of their believe but Christians claim to believe in Jesus but don’t follow His examples or follow the Bible.

Can someone call himself Christian without believing and loving Jesus Christ? Or, can someone be called Christian without following the example of Christ? That wouldn’t make sense because the way to demonstrate our love to Jesus is by following and obeying his example and commands (John 14:15); the Apostles are a great example because they did just as Jesus directed them and passed on to other as Jesus taught them.

Before I followed the custom that I was taught since I was a little girl, I have realized that customs are just useless because through it I can’t obligate God to give me blessings rather I must obey as God tells me so that I can get His blessings. For example, would it make sense if someone was to come and ask me to give them my car in return of whatever they want to recompense me with? No, I must tell them what I want in exchange of my car. As a believer of God, I want to receive God’s blessings, holiness, and protection but to receive such promise I first need to obey God. Just like a little kid that wants to get things from his parents, he obeys them then he is rewarded with what he wants. In the same way, I must find out from God how I can receive His blessings and holiness; I can’t receive those promises from God when it’s convenient to me rather when He wants to give it to me.

God Almighty wants to bless and make holy His people, through the 10 commandments (Ex 20:8) we know that we can receive such promise by keeping the Sabbath Day holy, which is Saturday. All throughout the Bible, you can see the authorization to consecrate Saturday as the day of the Lord yet when we look around, who keeps the Sabbath Day as it is written in the Bible? Only Church of God World Mission Society. Even the example of Jesus Christ was to keep the Sabbath Day as an example for us not because He needed to receive blessings but to teach us that we must also keep the Sabbath Day, The apostles too kept the Sabbath Day even after Jesus resurrection (Acts 17:2, Acts 18:4). The question that’s left outstanding, why do Christians keep Sunday and not Saturday?

Can someone crave cream cheese if that person never tastes it? Instead, our human nature makes us long, desire, crave something that we’ve already had … then why do we always seek 100% happiness yet we never experienced it in this world; no one likes to be sad, upset, angry, etc. Father Ahnsahnghong Nim explained that our spirit was once in heaven (Eccl12:7) and in heaven there’s eternal happiness day after day (Prov8:30) and we were perfect in every way (Ez28:12-15). No wonder why I always want to find that 100% happiness and be perfect, because I had it when I was in heaven and deep inside my heart I remember slightly.

The question that leaves outstanding is, why did we leave heaven in the first place? Who would exchange eternal happiness and eternal life to be in this world full of pain and suffering? Even when Jesus Christ came, He started His preaching with “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near” ….but, repent about what? What kind of sin have I committed that He had to be crucified and go through so much suffering, pain, agony, and death. Many people want to blame Adam and Eve yet the bible clearly states that it was not them but because each and every one of us committed sin (Rom5:12), and the payment of committing such sin is death (Rom6:23); we all have to die because we are sinners. It is obvious that by choice no one would leave heaven to come here, then we were kicked out of Heaven because we committed a grievous sin against God (Ez28:15-17) that’s why Christ had to come to save us and show us the way to receive the forgiveness of sin so that I may be worthy to go back to heaven.

Thanks for Father Christ Ahnsahnghong Nim and Mother New Jerusalem; They showed me the way to receive Their Forgiveness of Sins… now it’s time for you to find out too.

WOW! Life is just great when you come to know the spiritual world. This world is full of worries, pain, suffering, death, etc but when I came to know the truth by the grace of Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong Nim and Mother New Jerusalem life is just AMAZING!!!! And I cannot fathom how great it will be to go back to Heaven.

I always pictured heaven as a place full of clouds and angels flying around, little that I know that the Bible testifies that it’s Paradise (2Cor 12:4) and no one can ever get to describe it because human’s mind cannot perceive its awesomeness. I remember in school studying about the starts and the closest start to us is the Sun but how many starts are out there, the more surprising thing is that the largest start found by scientist is called VY Canis Majoris (which is about 2100 times bigger than our sun), this demonstrates how tinny the planet Earth is; looking at the below image you can see how small our sun looks next to this huge start.

vycanis 580x359 Heaven is inexpressible  Father Ahnsahnghong ahnsahnghong

The Sun next to VY Canis Majoris

Why would God create such a huge galaxy if its’ impossible for us to reach out to those places in this body since we are limited due to time and space. It’s not possible to get there while we are in the 3rd dimension but we must be converted into a higher dimension. There are things out there that are truly un-imaginable and amazing and I would love to go there, a higher dimension where there’s no death or pain or suffering…. the Bible testifies that we will RETURN to heaven (Eccl 12:7). RETURN- GO BACK to heaven; if I was in heaven, why am I not there anymore? Why am I on this Earth? Confined in such a tinny little place compare to everything that it’s out there, something must have happened.

It’s only because Father Christ Ahnsahnghong Nim and Mother New Jerusalem that came and gave the answer to this question….stay tune that I will talk about it in my next blog  :D