Love is the essence of many things that we do. Although one cannot see or touch love, we know it’s there but the greatest love in this world is a Mother’s Love. Can anyone argue against such love? In addition, no one has life without a mother, she is the one that gives life and gives love unconditionally.

In a family system we know that there’s a father, a mother, and children (for humans and animals) and that is God’s will. Through it we can learn about God. In April, I was in the field for work and right under the sidewalk was the home for a family of beavers; the mother had three little pups which didn’t understand about the dangerous world of the field and they would go in and out of the whole to play around. In one occasion, I started to walk towards one of the pups and the mommy came out of the whole ready to attack me then I took a detour and from a distance I stood watching this little family.

God says that everything that is created is for us to know about God, then I stood watching trying to find out what was it that I must learn from this. We all know that, a family is composing of parents and kids, and we also know that mothers bring the family together and it’s always at watch for the kids. As I thought more, I realized that mothers put themselves at risk at all cost to ensure that her kids are safe and its willing to risk her own life for her children, just like that mommy beaver.

Mother is the essence of love and life, no one has life without a mother; if this is the case for our physical life, what about our spiritual life? Our physical life is given by our physical mother; our spiritual life is given by whom? We already know we have a Father in heaven then what about Mother? Is she testified in the Bible? But you can read from Genesis to Revelation and you can find many proofs of Her existence. God the Father and God the Mother do exist. From the beginning God spoke in plural at the time of creation, Gen 1:26-27 “God said ‘Let US, make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness’… in the image of God he created THEM, male and female…”. Male and female are two images that came from God, through this we can see that God has two images. The male image of God we call Father, what about the female image of God?

That’s why Apostle Paul said in Gal4:26 “But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and She is OUR Mother…” And Apostle John said in Rev21:2 “…Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God prepared as a Bride”, Rev 21:9-10 “…come I will show you the Bride, the Wife of the Lamb….showed me, Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God”.

Apostle John wrote about 1900 years ago that Heavenly Mother is to come to this earth in the last day to save Her children, give them spiritual life, and take them back to the Kingdom of Heaven.

It’s not foolish to think that God the Mother exist; if you look at the creation of the world, we can clearly see God’s divine nature and eternal power. Jerusalem Mother exist and through Her we can receive spiritual life- Eternal Life.

Let’s say you are walking down the street and someone says to you “ I love you so much, I believe in you, I know you will help me”, what would come to mind? We don’t say I love you to random people, as a matter fact those words are only said to those people that one knows very well and learn to love because of their characteristics, the things they do, the special moments, etc.

To love someone, we first know that person, and to know that person we must meet that person… People claim to believe (accept as true) God but that doesn’t mean they know God; without knowing God, can someone love God? No, it wouldn’t make sense. When can we meet God to know God to love God? The Sabbath Day- Saturday (Exo 20:8, Exo 31:13, Eze20:20).

As a matter fact, when we keep the Sabbath Day holy we receive a sign between God and us, God can recognize those that truly love Him through the Sabbath. God is my Savior, my Lord, my Redeemer, my Counselor, my Father, my Mother, my everything, etc. But how can I say this unless I know who God is, understand his Sacrifice and Love? this is only possible by keeping His commands (Sabbath, Feast of God, etc) which Church of God World Mission Society taught me through the Bible and teaches to those that want to know;  just like a little kid that wants to show love to his parents, he obeys them; Jesus said that those that love Him obey His commands(John 14:15) otherwise we show hate towards God (Exo20:5-6).

It’s crucial to know God whom the Holy Bible give evidence about otherwise the evil spirits can deceive us to worship other gods and not God the Creator.

As a continuation of my previous blog, I was thinking about the simplest step to be Christian would be to obey God and follow the perfect example of Jesus Christ, but how often are we taught about His example?

I used to go to a private religious school and I had to take religion as a class. I remembered those days were torture because I wouldn’t learn about God but rather learn to memorize prayers and the justifications of the doctrines behavior that contradicts with the Bible. I remembered one time the class was about the justification of Sunday worship:

  • The Jewish keeps Saturday as a day of worship, those were the criminals that crucified Jesus Christ therefore we can’t keep the same day of worship.
  •  Jesus resurrected on Sunday so the day of worship had to change. (Yes, we are to gather to celebrate Resurrection Day but the weekly gathering with God still remains Saturday)
  •  You can keep mass on Saturday night and it makes it up for not Sunday because the same sermon is given.
  • The disciples collected income on the 1st day of the week. (This shows that the people worked to get their income rather than worshipped)
  •  The disciples broke bread on the 1st day of the week. (They broke bread and not bread with wine)

Do you think they are good justifications of changing the law of God, changing the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday? It is a known fact that God command us to keep Saturday as a holy day to the Lord through the 10 commandments, Jesus kept the Sabbath day, and the apostles kept the Sabbath day after Jesus had resurrected (Luke 4:16, Acts 17:2 and Acts18:4). It is obvious that was not a change made by God but rather by man.

When you look into history, you can learn that Emperor Constantine changed the law of God by changing the Sabbath Day from Saturday to Sunday on 321AD through the Council of Nicaea. I would like to share with you this video clip that I saw in reference to this topic. Please take a look at it, and I hope God Almighty bless you with understanding.




At first when I learned about this changed made by man I felt very disappointed; the primary reason to go to Church is to learn about God and obey God but all the churches that I have attended were not teaching me to obey God but rather follow a decree that man imposed. That’s why before I was a Sunday keeper, then I was invited to Church of God World Mission Society (the only church that teaches how to obey God) and since then I’ve become a Saturday keeper because there the Sabbath is kept just as Jesus and the early church did.
God promise us blessings, holiness and a sign on the Sabbath day, you can see confirmation of these words all throughout the Bible. Even from the moment of creation (Genesis 1), God only blessed the 7th day and made it holy. Let’s say someone calls you and promise to give you $1M on Monday, would you show up on Sunday? Even if you were to dress well, smell good, make banners, create songs and chants, or bring thank you cards will that make a difference? No because it was only promised to be given on Monday; in the same way, God Almighty promise to give us blessings on Saturday, the Sabbath Day-7th day of the week.